Being a combination of both teddy bear & robot, Cybear is the true definition of a misfit. His confidence & drive to prove himself amongst all the other heads makes him an unlikely hero, ready to battle.


A wiry mix of unpredictability & undeserved over-confidence, it’s for the best that Annibal is all muzzled up. Though his past minor criminal actions make him believe he’s the most vicious fiend around, his bark is definitely bigger than his bite.

Sir Belfry

As a former knight in robotic armor, Sir Belfry is a skilled warrior powered by a stern attitude. He finds himself constantly pitying the enemies he is now surrounded by, viewing them all as inferior.


Clawdia’s original double life as a fitness celebrity & more mature attitude makes her more self-aware than most of the other heads. She has no problem taking out the competition with a wink & a whisker smirk.

Cygnus Gamma

Cygnus Gamma’s out-of-this-world sense of humor makes him ready for fun in any situation. He constantly has a blast exploring & running crop circles around his enemies in his trusty spaceship.

Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger was a mighty conqueror in his original world. Along with his crew, he would overtake tons of enemy ships and land to fulfill his insatiable need for power. His over-the-top nature makes him strive to become the most evil villain around.

Mr. Smiles

The product of pure nightmares, Mr. Smiles is a truly sinister being of stitches. His hypnotic eyes & haunting smile terrify anyone who dares to surround him.

Prof. Puggles

Professor Puggles’ high intellect makes him much smarter than most of the heads. His zero-tolerance for fools and need to always teach a lesson is what he uses to school his opponents.

Terri Vision

Fun and full of heart beneath the circuits, don’t change the channel on Terri! Using her sarcastic nature and pun-filled personality, she becomes a “must-watch” for all her friends & opponents.


Vertex is a robot whose prime objective is to fight for justice. Built by Ayumi, he uses his powerful set of gears and weapons to battle by the book & achieve any possible victory that stands before him.

Frizzly Bear

Don’t let his cuddly looks fool you; his huge, fluffy frame makes this body as tough as they come! Frizzly can activate a powerful, rainbow shield that knocks any enemies or objects near them out of the way, clearing your path to victory!


This creepy crawly body has more tricks up its thorax than a few extra legs. Make the whole battlefield your own, or should we say MINE, by spreading explosive charges all over the place. Or for a real blast, kick a mine up and fling it at any unsuspecting enemy in your way!

Boom Cluckalaka

This body is anything but chicken. With bravery, courage and a short fuse, this explosive poultry can put more than a dent in your opponent's strategy. With careful timing and fast chicken legs, light the fuse and charge head first into the battle!

Brondis the Gladiator

Hear the crowds roar when you join forces with the bronzed body of Brodonis! When controlling this titan, you can deliver devastating damage to any of your opponents. With one mighty leap, you can land a shockwave of pure power to fools basking in your grace!


Landing on this robotic body will give you the ability to use your powerful grapple hands to snag any object from miles away! Try grabbing your enemies from a distance and you’ll find them to be a stunned, easy target. Go ahead and give them the ole one-two!

Lil Ripper

You know what they say, the best things come in small packages, and that’s what you get with Lil Ripper! Speed by your enemies and catch them by surprise. Finish them off by growing 5 times as large and squashing the competition down to size!


Joining up with this robotic dinosaur will give you the strength of the legendary prehistoric predator himself! Use his massive tail and his chainsaw jaw to smack anyone in your way so you can send your enemies into extinction!


Magic isn’t friendship when it comes to this guy. This mystical warrior can fling a powerful potion that turns your enemies into a scared little frog! Your opponent will be completely defenseless for a short time, as they try to hop away.

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