Cybear is a teddy bear, built by a scientist who spent more time working on his experiments than with his family. He made Cybear for his son, giving him a fully operational body & mind to be best friends with him. One night, the scientist caused an explosion in his basement lab, setting the house on fire. As the family rushed to escape, the son had to leave Cybear behind, trapping him under burning debris, which melted half of his body off to reveal his robotic under-skin. At the last second, a portal opened above Cybear, sucking him in before the blazing house collapsed. Being a combination of both teddy bear & robot, Cybear is the true definition of a misfit. His confidence & drive to prove himself amongst all the other heads makes him an unlikely hero, ready to battle.


Annibal originated from a prison planet comprised of the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy. He was a petty thief, muzzled in the asylum for his big, boastful mouth. One day, during a routine cell cleaning, Annibal and other insane prisoners were temporarily placed in the main prison area. The routine prisoners saw these patients get special treatment, and a full on riot broke loose. Annibal escaped after his guard was knocked down, and looked through the chaos to see a portal open up, which he gracefully walked into. A wiry mix of unpredictability & undeserved over-confidence, it’s for the best that Annibal is all muzzled up. Though his rage-filled boasts & minor criminal actions from the past make him believe he’s the most vicious fiend around, his bark is definitely bigger than his bite.

Sir Belfry

Sir Belfry was a robotic knight from a futuristic, but medieval aesthetic world. One day, the king he served issued an official law stating robots were to be treated as lower class citizens, causing an uprising in the kingdom. Sir Belfry attempted to defend the king from the rebellion, only to be dismissed as a dishonorable robot, and stabbed through his CPU (Chest Processing Unit). Just before the king could behead him, a portal opened below, and Sir Belfry escaped the blade.RWH

As a former knight in robotic armor, Sir Belfry is a skilled warrior powered by a stern attitude. He finds himself constantly pitying the enemies he is now surrounded by, viewing them all as inferior.


Clawdia comes from an all-feline run cat world, leading a double-life as an eccentric TV fitness instructor, with her program “Fuzzercise”. When the cameras were off, she was self-aware of the gimmick & frustrated, longing to be something more important. During a taping of her show, she told the audience to “stretch toward the sky”, only to look up arms extended and be sucked into a portal above her, as the aerobic music blared. Clawdia’s original double life as a fitness celebrity & more mature attitude makes her more self-aware than most of the other heads. She has no problem taking out the competition with a wink & a whisker smirk.

Cygnus Gamma

Cygnus Gamma comes from an all-alien world, living as a broke stand-up comedian inside of his spaceship. One night, walking home from a terrible set at The Probe, he noticed a bright light appear in the sky. Curious, he flew his ship towards it to take pictures, thinking he could sell them to a popular magazine to finally get famous. When he realized too late that it was a portal, he and his ship were pulled inside. Cygnus Gamma’s out-of-this-world sense of humor makes him ready for fun in any situation. He constantly has a blast exploring & running crop circles around his enemies in his trusty spaceship.

Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger was a ruthless & over-the-top conqueror on his all ocean world, run by those who exist above the sea. During an intense naval battle with his rival Brown-Stache, a stray cannon-ball struck the hull by Jolly Roger, flinging him into the ocean. As he began to drown, a portal opened above and sucked him in, leaving only his hat and flint-locked pistol behind. Jolly Roger was a mighty conqueror in his original world. Along with his crew, he would overtake tons of enemy ships and land to fulfill his insatiable need for power. His over-the-top nature makes him strive to become the most evil villain around.

Mr. Smiles

Mr. Smiles originated from a futuristic world where citizens pay to have their nightmares brought to life to conquer them. He was imagined by a boy named Jimmy, whose parents paid a company called NightScape to bring out and face head on. As they did, the machine began to short circuit, allowing Mr. Smiles to escape. He immediately rushed toward Jimmy, but before he could catch the boy, a portal opened up behind him, and sucked him. The product of pure nightmares, Mr. Smiles is a truly sinister being of stitches. His hypnotic eyes & haunting smile terrify anyone who dares to surround him.

Prof. Puggles

Professor Puggles comes from a world completely run by dogs. He was a highly intellectual professor of sciences at the esteemed Hydrant University, who was set to receive the highest award in academics, called The Big Bone. During his acceptance speech, however, a portal suddenly opened up from under his podium, causing him to fall through the floor into it, and leaving his trophy and canine audience behind. Professor Puggles’ high intellect makes him much smarter than most of the heads. His zero-tolerance for fools and need to always teach a lesson is what he uses to school his opponents.

Terri Vision

Terri comes from a world far advanced in electronics and science. She was a common household TV droid built for a suburban family, who became like family to her. One night, a group of burglars broke into the family’s home, attempting to steal Terri. After the father successfully fought them off and freed her, a portal opened above Terri, sucking her in and leaving the family and robbers behind. Fun and full of heart beneath the circuits, don’t change the channel on Terri! Using her sarcastic nature and pun-filled personality, she becomes a “must-watch” for all her friends & opponents.


Vertex is a fighting robot programmed by Ayumi to battle by the book and defend her at all costs. During a battle with a large scale monster in the city, Ayumi is suddenly sucked into a portal. Vertex immediately uses his thrusters and chases after her, leaping into the portal at the last second to go after her. Vertex is a robot whose prime objective is to fight for justice. Built by Ayumi, he uses his powerful set of gears and weapons to battle by the book & achieve any possible victory that stands before him.

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