Our goal is to foster a community of creative thinkers and builders, while maintaining the sanctity of online gaming. We want to ensure that your time in MisBits provides a fun, safe, and entertaining experience. 

MisBits blends together various game genres, and naturally caters to the imaginative, thus players of all types and gaming backgrounds will be encountered throughout your toy box adventures!

With that being said, we ask that while you enjoy your time within the MisBits community you adhere to a few guidelines in order to maximize your experience:

No Bullying/Harassing

Verbally abusing, and/or directing maliciousness towards any member of the community will not be tolerated. While disagreements do happen, we want to make sure that these types of disputes do not alienate, nor make any players within our community feel unwelcome.

No Trolling

Intentionally starting a discussion and/or bringing up sensitive topics meant to get a negative reaction from individuals within the community.

No Spamming/Advertising

Posting multiple messages in quick and rapid succession, or using our official channels to promote and advertise products or websites. Links to your own content should only be posted in the properly designated areas. If you’re unsure where you can post these types of links, please ask a Mod/Community Manager.

Posting Private Info

Any posting of private information, (phone numbers, email addresses, passwords, account information, physical addresses, first and last names, etc) about yourself or others is strictly prohibited.

Illegal Activity

No posting or promoting of any Illegal activity.

Account Sharing

Account sharing or the purchasing of an account, even with permission from the original owner, is not allowed. If a player is discovered to not be the original account owner, disciplinary actions on the account will be taken.

Discriminatory Speech

Any negative speech that is directed towards a specific race, ethnic origin, religion. Gender, disability/disease or age is a big no no while you are in the MisBits community.

User Generated Content

We here on the MisBits team believe that expressing your creativity, means boundless and limitless amounts of opportunities within our building mode! However, since UGC can be shared and experienced by a number of different players, we are holding all UGC up to the same community standards. Should any of your creations violate any of the above aforementioned rules, then your content will be removed from the Steam Workshop.