[CONCLUDED] Community Event: Free To Play Showdown!

[UPDATE: 4/6/20 AT 11:30 PDT]

MISSION WRAP-UP – We’d like to thank everyone for their amazing support, hard work, and participation throughout this weekend’s Free to Play Showdown Event!

While you may have fallen short of the 20k mark, this is still an accomplishment that everyone should be proud of! Also, you’re not going home empty handed: All participants have earned 10,000 MEGABITS! (Which will be sent in the coming days).

An even bigger shout out to our top 20 Thieves from this past weekend! We’ll be honoring your contributions by featuring you right here our news/front page rotation and in game! You’ll also be recognized in our Discord with a champion title! (If you’re in our top 20, be sure you’ve joined the Discord!)

[UPDATE: 4/4/20 AT 8:10PM PDT]

Well, well, well…… you sly thieves seem to be on a STEAL warpath! In just a little under 24 hours you seem to have far exceeded our expectations, acquiring 7,000 body steals.

We bet you fancy yourselves as a little Jr. Butch Cassidy huh? Well, let’s see how you handle this one….

Acquire 20,000 Body Steals by 04/05 11:59 PM

Exclusive Toy Body Skin based on participants’ popular vote!!!!


Howdy Bit Heads,

We have another action-packed, event-filled weekend!

With MisBits now going Free to Play, we are issuing a collective MisBits community event!

Work together with your fellow heads and earn up to 10,000 Megabits throughout the weekend! You’re going to need to put your HEADs together in order to achieve ultimate glory! Now that we’ve peaked your interest, let’s talk about how this will work!

Over the course of the weekend, players will work collectively to steal as many toy bodies as possible while in Quick Play. The more bodies you steal, the more Megabits you have an opportunity to earn!

Event Start Time:
Begins: Saturday 04/04 8:00 AM PDT
Ends: Sunday 04/05 11:59 PM PDT
Begins: Saturday 04/04 5:00 PM CET
Ends: Monday 04/06 8:59 AM CET

Event Criteria:
Saturday – Sunday (2 DAY EVENT) – The MisBits Community must collectively accumulate 1,000 body steals over the duration of the event. Only steals that occur in QUICK PLAY will count.

Should the community achieve 1,000 body steals, all players will be rewarded 4,000 Megabits.

But wait……THERE’S MORE! FOR EVERY ADDITIONAL 500 steals the community earns, an additional 500 Megabits will be added to the prize total.

NOTE: Players must steal bodies in order to receive rewards – Trust us….We’ll know if you didn’t! ^_^

While there is no way for you to manually track at the moment, how many steals you personally are acquiring, our Community Manager and team will be providing constant stat updates during the weekend on the official MisBits Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/cW95sNW

So what are you waiting for!?

Gather your friends, wash those hands, and get ready to steal those toy bodies!!

The MisBits Team