[CONCLUDED] Dias De Los Pollos: Community Event

[EDITED: 5/11/2020 at 6:08PM]

Thank you to everyone who participated in this past weekend’s event!

The Mighty Cluckalaka Overlord has brought mercy upon those who participated and will reward them with the almighty Cluckalaka Bones skin. (Rewards will be sent out later this week.)


We’re going into this weekend with a BOOM!

This weekend we want you to destroy thousands of exploding chickens! 

If our community destroys 5,000 Boom Cluckalakas, ALL PARTICIPANTS will earn the new Cluckalaka Bones skin! So work together to reach that goal because everyone who tries will benefit!

Jump into Quick Play and help the community from Saturday, May 9th @ 12:00 AM | 9:00 AM CET through Sunday, May 10th @ 11:59 PM | Monday, May 11th 6:00 AM CET

You must destroy at least 1 Boom Cluckalaka in order to receive the reward. Rewards will be sent out no later than Friday, May 15th.

Have some explosive fun this weekend!

The MisBits Team