Free To Play Weekend

Greetings Bit Heads!

During these serious times, we hope that everyone is practicing healthy habits both physically and mentally. Our hearts go out to all of those affected by COVID-19 and we hope that MisBits can provide some happy solace in every household. In an effort to raise the happy meter, we have some great news for all of you that are stuck at home! 

This weekend from March 27 @ 10AM PDT – March 30 @ 10AM PDT MisBits will be FREE TO PLAY on Steam!

Ever wondered what our sandbox mode was really all about? Well, now’s your chance to come check it out! Or ever wondered what in tarnation is the cute multiplayer game you’ve seen on Twitter and Facebook? Well, get your heads rollin’ Bit Heads because, that’s right, for 72 hours MisBits will be on Steam Free To Play. Invite your friends and don’t wait to jump in to see all the action! AND SMASH ALL OF THE TOYS WITH A PICKLE!

Plus… We’ve even got something more to sweeten the deal! If you play 20 Quickplay matches during the Free To Play Weekend, we’ll reward you with a free epic Brodonis skin. We’ll be keeping track of all players who participate and will send your reward by Tuesday, March 31st.  

Last but not least, keep in touch with us on our socials! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and especially Discord. We want to see and hear your smiling faces so we can continue fostering a healthy MisBits community in these trying times! 

All the Best,
Community Manager