May 2nd to May 7th MisBits Community Schedule

Hi there Bit Heads,

Here’s the plan for next week! Stay connected to us on socials so you know what’s happening and when. There’s a lot going on so we hope to see you there!

Read more about the ToyBox Contest here.

For the ToyBox Hot Lava Challenge, players are to build a Lava Pit in ToyBox Mode and send us a screenshot of it on Twitter or Discord! All participants who send us a valid screenshot with their Steam name will earn the EPIC Brotos skin!! If you need any help getting used to the new tools, DeepVJoe and SirVin have a few tips on their VOD here or ask us on Discord.

Don’t forget to include your Steam name or else we won’t be able to send you the reward!

(Please note that the Hot Lava Challenge is separate from any other event or contest that we may be running.)

Community Manager