[Updated] May 30th to June 5th Community Schedule

Hello BitHeads,

We hope that you are all continuing to stay strong and safe during this painful time.

For those of you who already saw, we cancelled our streams on Monday and Tuesday and will remain dark for the remainder of this week.

We feel strongly we need to create space to acknowledge the moment and amplify the opportunity to make things better that we can collectively bring. As such, we will find another time to talk about our game.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay strong. And know that we stand proudly with all of you and our publisher, @3BLACKDOT, who are looking to make meaningful change!

-MisBits Team-

[Original Post]

Hi there, Bit Heads!

It’s been another long week , but never fear, your weekly Community Schedule update is here!

This weekend we’re featuring the Grand Prize winning map in the Dip, Dive and Dodge Map Playthrough event. Don’t miss out because we’re giving away the Herman head!

Also, we’re doing something a little different for our ToyBox Thursday stream. Be sure to check it out in all of its ducky glory!

Keep on keeping on, Bit Heads.

Yours Truly,
Community Manager