MisBits is now Free To Play!

Hello Everyone!

With the Covid-19 distancing continuing, many of us are finding some solace by huddling at home and looking for fun video games to play. Some are checking out old favorites and some adventurous gamers are trying new ones. 

We want to be on those gamers’ try list, and for our current players, we want to make it even easier for you to gather with, and explore or build with your friends. So, for the millions of you isolated at home, we’ve decided to make MisBits free-to-play for the duration of early access starting Saturday, April 4. We see MisBits serving as a community space in a time of physical distancing. We can get through this challenging time together. 

Now, let’s get some heads rolling!

For Our Early Access Backers: If you purchased the game to date, we heartily thank you with the following rewards (valued at ~$30):
— DIABLO: an exclusive head that will never be sold or given away again

— SHADOW: a limited edition bonus head (not available again for at least 60 days)

— TIKI: a limited edition skin for our Voodoo body (not available again for at least 60 days)

— $15 value of in-game currency

— A buddy pass so you can invite a friend to play for free still before April 4

Why We Are Starting April 4: April 4 is the earliest we can make the change and still fulfill partner commitments. But if the list of goodies above looks appealing, jump into the game now! Or, maybe you know someone who will receive a buddy pass?

What happens April 4 and Beyond: Join April 4, and, in addition to having a blast, we also will announce fun, competitive (and REWARDING) activities. Plus, sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on activities, and to find out the moment the game becomes free-to-play. 

And Remember:  Video games have amazing power to bring us together, brighten our days, and give us all a sense of connection – which we all can use more of right now. We hope this invitation brings some light relief to your life. We look forward to seeing YOU online!

Your MisBits Team