Happy Friday, BitHeads!

Hope you all have been enjoying the summer heat because our weekend event is going to turn up the dial even more!

Are you ready to get your blood pumping and your chicken legs moving?

We are officially announcing the 2020 Summer OlymBits. Later this summer, because we’ll be missing out on the real life international sports festival, the dev team is here to provide a MisBits sports experience to fill in that hole in your heart.

So this weekend, we will be preparing for this glorious event by hosting the OlymBits Training Trials. Head into game with us and train through 3 sporting events that you will see later this year. We plan to get down and dirty for maximum gains!

If you participate and help us train, you’ll have the chance of earning an exclusive in-game skin. Just join any of the games that DeepVJoe will be hosting over the weekend of June 27th – June 28th.

Time to get SWOLE!

See ya there,
The MisBits Team